General rules

The following actions are prohibited during the CTF:

1 - No hacking or attempting to hack other teams' systems or networks without permission.
2 - No use of malicious software or tools.
3 - No denial of service attacks.
4 - No physical or social engineering attacks.
5 - No sharing of flags or information with other teams.
6 - No unauthorized access to other teams' systems or networks.
7 - No interfering with other teams' progress in the competition.
8 - No sharing of answers or solutions with other teams.
9 - No use of exploits or vulnerabilities that are not part of the competition.
10 - All teams must abide by the terms and conditions of the competition and any applicable laws.


Most Challenges have been set to use dynamic scoring.

What this means is that most challenges have a high initial value when solved. The more people that solve a specific challenge will degrade its overall value, up until a minimum decay threashold.

For example:
1 - If the inital score is 100 and the decay value is 10 with a minimum value of 50. The first person to solve the challenge will receive 100 points.
2 - If a second person solves the challenge the point value will decrease by 10. Meaning both participants who solved the challenge now only gets 90 points for solving the challenge.
3 - The score value will continue to decrease as more people solve the challenge until the minimum threashold is reached (50 in this case)

The purpose of dynamic scoring is to discourage answer sharing, since sharing an answer will reduce your own points. It also serves as a means to auto adjust for dificulty (if the event organisers thought a challlenge would be easier/or harder than expected). To further award participants for solving a challenge first they will be awarded first blood (a small amount of bonus points)

Queries or Issues

For any issues or queries, email ctf.challenges at

Join the Hack South Discord to follow any updates from the CTF in the #bsides-ctf channel